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Procedure for ordering a MODULAR LIVING facility

Step by step ordering process

The order system works by sending us a picture of the conceptual solution or the finished project (it doesn’t matter if it was made for prefab or classic construction), and based on that we make you an offer for how much that model could cost.

For every inquiry, before making an offer, we visit the location in order to prevent unnecessary costs with our advice. This is necessary to determine how to produce the object, in how many modules and if access is possible.

For each model, a new static is made to order, which is included in the project price.

The price that is calculated is always without technical equipment and is valid for high-quality furniture (without furniture).

If the client wants to continue cooperation, a cost estimate is drawn up and an individual meeting is held with the client, either in the office or at the location where the facility is being installed. The meeting can only be arranged during the preparation of the cost estimate.

The creation of cost estimates for custom-made objects costs €180.00 + VAT. The payment is deducted from the price of the accepted offer.

When all the details for the production and technical equipment of the facility are determined, then a qualified offer is issued and the cooperation contract is signed. The contract contains 25 pages in which we provide security to clients and to us as the manufacturer of a unique object.

For custom-made buildings, we prefer that clients choose their own architect to speed up communication.

Installation of the object is included in the price and does not affect the final price. The objects are produced in our facility, and we deliver them ready to the location.

We do not offer land preparation, but we supervise it.

Transportation is not included in the price, and is paid additionally or the client has the option of choosing a carrier of his own choice.


The objects we produce almost always require a building permit, unless the location permit dictates otherwise.

The facility can be placed on agricultural land, but with the permission of the local administration and self-government.

In most cases, our construction method has helped clients to get a facility on these types of land.


Modular Living will soon offer serial models 1, 2 and 3, which are from 20-30 m2 up to 40 m2 in floor plan.

If our client chooses one of these models, he gets a free gallery (which must not exceed 50% of the building/floor plan)

In this case, the building is 410 cm high and the gallery is 168 cm high

With the Modular Living facilities 1, 2 and 3 that we offer, no cost estimate or project documentation is required.

The deadline for making models 1, 2, or 3 is 4 months, or 90-150 working days depending on the location where the facility will be located.


At the camping facility, we offer benefits if more than 10 units are ordered, every 3 are paid after the tourist season.

In addition, we provide complete support in building maintenance.

It is possible to order or choose one of our models.


The average price of an open terrace is approx. €280-550 + VAT. Depending on the materials the client chooses.

Modular Living high quality content


This package comes with floor and wall coverings up to a certain price which is determined beforehand, the difference is paid later. Sockets, lighting, sanitary facilities, aluminum and PVC joinery (two-layer, three-layer and more) are also installed in the package. The package comes without furniture. The price per square meter depends on the level of construction of the ordered object.

Do you have additional questions?

We have tried to list almost everything related to our ordering process, but if you have additional questions, we are here to help you create your object.
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