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What sets us apart from the rest?
We produce objects according to the order, wishes and needs of clients.

Given that we work with a large amount of steel, there is no limit here, and we work on buildings in a high Roh Bau system without furniture.

The great value of our construction is that it is not necessary to concrete the base for our buildings, which gives the client great savings and thus contributes to the preservation of nature.

The steel we use in construction gives us the opportunity to place buildings on piles, even on steep and sloping terrain (which is common throughout Croatia and beyond).

The method of setting up our buildings is on load-bearing concrete piles that are poured into the ground.

IPE profiles come out of the ground to which the HEA profile is welded, and the object that is in the air is placed and attached to it. Every steel profile that is installed in the building is filled with polyurethane, in order to avoid a thermal bridge and loss of thermal insulation.

Our production method allows us to design and statically prepare the object so that it can be set up, as well as dismantled and removed from the location.


Since we do modular construction, our buildings belong to the mobile class even though they do not have cars, but the possibility of placing our buildings on trailers is not excluded either.

We have the option of setting up solar energy systems, wind farms, rainwater collection or bio pits that can be used for watering gardens and the like.

It is possible to install terraces (open or closed) on our buildings, either immediately or later, as well as new modules on an already built building.

We offer a solution for setting up buildings in flood and earthquake areas. Buildings can be raised as the water level in the ground rises, not just on the surface. For earthquake-prone areas, we use absorbers that monitor the work of the ground during an earthquake, which gives the building great durability and safety.

Modular Living also upgrades existing buildings, and our buildings can be inserted into old stone walls.

In the Modular Living facilities, we have achieved the equivalent of 35 cm of thermal insulation. with the help of thermal wool, and all this in 18 or 24 cm wall thickness.

The energy class achieved by our facilities is the A++ standard

In our facilities, it is possible to use all types of heating (electric, heat pumps, solid fuel-wood heating).

We also offer heating that is integrated into the walls and heats the entire structure, thus avoiding the accumulation of snow on the buildings. Such heating in Sweden was met with great enthusiasm by clients who stay in the house all year round.

We use high-quality carpentry on the buildings. 8-chamber thermal compound produced by Salamander, which can come in two-layer, three-layer or four-layer chambers.

All installations are integrated into the walls as in classic construction, and the facility can be equipped with a Google system for monitoring and communicating with the facility via smartphone.

What also differentiates us from others is that the clients themselves choose the interior and exterior coverings, and in that way they themselves correct the final price of the building.

Floor cross section

Wall cross section

Ceiling cross section

Ceiling cross section

PVC joinery cross section

Aluminum joinery cross section

Do you have additional questions?

We have tried to list almost everything related to our production method, but if you have additional questions, we are here to help you in the creation of your object.
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